0620: Thinkfun Maze

Thinkfun Maze photo
  • Category: PUZ
  • No Pieces: 1
  • Manufacturer: Thinkfun
  • Replacement cost: $30.00
  • Donated by: WP Toy Library purchase
  • Storage: : Zip Lock Bag


16 Mazes, Right in Your Hand
A maze that changes every time you play! Navigate through the maze with the attached stylus, pushing open movable gateways while avoiding traps and dead ends! An innovative twist on a classic maze puzzle, Amazes diabolical shifting pathways change the solution path during play!

Choose one of the 16 dierent maze challenges shown on the back of the Amaze™ game. The higher the number, the more difficult the challenge.
Match the four red indicators on the left side of the game to the positions shown in the setup diagram. To move an indicator to the left or right, use your finger or the attached stylus to push a red bar on the slider opposite it.
Now you’re ready to solve the maze! Place your stylus at the START position, and begin to trace your way through the maze.  Once you start, you may not lift your stylus from the path. When you come to a red bar, you may try pushing it to the left or right to clear your path, but no jumping over it! You may have to push a bar to the left or right more than once to solve the maze. You may only push the red bars. You may not use the stylus to pull the sliders.
Beware—pushing a red bar may also create a dead end, or stick you in an endless loop. If you get stuck, reset the indicators to the challenge setup position, go back to START, and begin again. 


1x Amaze board with pen attached